Welcome to Vega-Riffic Food!

​(Formerly Raw-Riffic Food.)

Vega-Riffic Food, pronounced Vega

as in Vegetarian

or Vega as in Vegan,

and Riffic as in Terrific Food,

is all about…

“The art of preparing and eating a healthy plant-based diet,

raw or cooked!”

About Vega-Riffic Food
“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
~ François de la ochefoucauld

  • Vega-Riffic Food is a free informational site for healthy food and living enthusiasts, specifically interested in eating a plant-based, high raw vegan (HRV) diet.

Mission Statement

To share my research, knowledge, and experience with others on how to live a more healthful, vibrant, and happier lifestyle through a diet high in fresh, organic, raw and living, mostly vegan, plant-based foods.

You will find numerous resources on this site including:

  • Links to other healthy living and food, enthusiasts’ blogs, communities, and websites
  • Links to popular plant-based, mostly vegan, food restaurants and catering companies
  • Food preparation techniques and recipes
  • Links to sources for some of the top brands and products available to HRV plant-based food enthusiasts
  • Resources for certification, coaching, becoming a HRV, plant-based chef, and other related educational links
  • Articles and news updates to help better inform you
  • Special interest resources for personal and spiritual growth and empowerment
  • Success stories for inspiration and encouragement
  • Celebrities and industry leaders

…and that’s just the beginning!

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