Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – The Mission Cotinues…

Tonight I watched another episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu.com. Once again I found myself with tears of joy and inspiration at the progress, determination, and passion that Jamie has to help this town of Huntington, West Va., and help them get healthy. It’s so wonderful to see the people within the town come together to fight for a joint cause and be counted.

I really believe in what Jamie is doing. I so agree that we need to spread this concept of healthy eating across this nation, and the globe. People need to stop eating processed junk, and stop feeding their children and pets processed junk. We are poisoning ourselves, and destroying the future of our species. We are not all perfect, but it’s time to take a good look around us and realize we have a serious epidemic on our hands. Obesity is all around us. Being chunky is the new “slim”, and being underweight and malnourished is no better. Instead of consuming the mass quantities of sugary “non-convenient” convenience foods, it’s time to start eating nature’s fast foods – fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, grains, nuts and seeds, and water.

We are addicted, but we can recover. It’s time for some serious rehabilitation! We need to start with ourselves, and our children. A great way to do this is to change the standards of what are children are being fed in schools, and at home. Please support Jamie Oliver’s cause. Watch this episodes, and sign the petition. Start your own food revolution in your community. Visit Jamie’s sight for more information.

Thank you! To your health!


Here’s the link to watch episode 4. Enjoy.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I can’t even begin to tell you how moved I am by what Jamie Oliver has commissioned himself to do, and how he has taken action, gotten the support of the network, and the town of Huntington, West VA to make a difference! He is truly about putting the health of our children first – we all should!

I’m not saying that you have to be a raw food purest. I’m saying that the first step – the most important step, is to get back to food basics. Real fresh, whole foods – not processed crap! Real food!!! From that point you can grow from there. I choose a high raw food diet, because I have experienced for myself how truly beneficial it has been for me and others in so many ways. Even my son has definitely changed the way he eats. He too, mostly eats a high vegan/vegetarian diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. It has made a world of difference in his health as well.

If you haven’t already, take the time to watch Jamie’s show. I have included a link to this third episode in this post for your to view. View here. Let me tell you, it is passionate – it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Please show your support and share his vision with others. Peace!=)


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

Famous Chef Jamie Oliver recently won the 2010 TED award for his work with creating a “Food Revolution!” to stomp out child obesity. His “thank you” speech is incredibly motivating and touching. He is truly a new and conscious healthy food leader! Please checkout the YouTube.com video below. When you’re done, link here to learn more about Jamie Oliver’s mission!

Jamie Oliver’s Wish
“I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”