Childhood Obesity – A Small Look at a Huge Problem! How to Stomp Out this Disease!!!

Okay, so lately I’ve been promoting Jamie Oliver’s efforts to help kids fight obesity. I truly believe in his Food Revolution campaign! I believe it can make a difference.

Well, tonight I was looking for more informative videos on food, health, and diet, and the effects it has on our children. In the process I discovered several videos that really put it into perspective.

The first video, “Surviving Abundance: Over Weight Kids in Crisis”, explores the pandemic problem of global childhood obesity and the multiple diseases that come with it, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, and a list of other debilitating health problems that lead to early death! It’s astounding. Check it out here:

Another documentary to check out is “All Jacked Up: The Explosive Junk Food Documentary”. It’s about food addiction and teens. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams of Natural News is one of the featured presenters in the movie. It’s a great trailer. I’m going to have to get my hands on a copy to watch the whole thing. You will definitely get the jest of the message – we are killing our kids with processed sh**t!!!

Check out the trailer for yourself:

If you want more proof of how poorly our children are eating – and how poorly people of all ages are eating, just check out the movie Super Size Me. This movie puts fast food and obesity in to perspective. Here’s the full-length feature:

It’s truly disgusting what has happened to our society. Obviously it has been a growing problem since the industrial age began, and not one that was deliberately taken lightly by the general public. We have bought into the lies, to the concepts, and have been manipulated by mass marketing, the health industry, and so on. Do you really think people want to be fat and sick? Better yet, do you really think people want to make their children fat and sick? I think not! I do believe there is a lot of people in denial about the whole thing. But it’s time for change! If not, we will have no future. Our future is our children. What good can they serve if they’re lives are shorten, and the days they live are spent fighting debilitating diseases, and unforeseen health costs? No good at all!

Wake up people! It’s time for change! Let’s start with our children! Several things you can do today. One, change your family’s behavior at home as it relates to food and eating. Make better, healthier choices for them and yourself. Lead by example. Two, sign Jamie Oliver’s petition to fight childhood obesity by changing the lunch options in our public schools. Children need nutritious food to eat to grow strong, and have healthy brains, and lead successful lives. Get rid of the JUNK LUNCHES in the schools! Three, start your own community campaign to help make change as it relates to food and children. Perhaps start a MeetUp Group to exchange ideas to make change. Whatever the idea, do something! Make a difference in a child’s life – in your child’s life!

If you believe in the information I am sharing with you today, please share this post with others and spread the word!

Thank you, and peace!=)

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