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Here you will find everything from raw food coaching, education, to communities and forums, to radio podcasts, to restaurants and shopping, as well as recipes, videos and more. Hope you find what you need.

Raw Food Celebrities

  • Angela Stokes is probably the most well-known success story in the raw food community. After having lost 160lbs, and juice feasting for over 90-days, she is a mentor to us all. Angela has written books, articles, and has been very involved with the raw food movement, public speaking and appearing on television. She is engaged to Matt Monarch – another incredible raw food leader. (
  • Carol Alt is a world renowned super model, author, actress, entrepreneur and raw food advocate. She has written two raw food recipe books, and has a web page dedicated to inspiring others to transition to a raw food lifestyle. (
  • David Wolfe is the leading authority on the raw food philosophy. He is an author of several raw food books, an educator and public speaker of healthy living and nutrition through raw and living foods, musician and raw food entrepreneur. He founded Sunfood Nutrition in 1995, currently the world’s premier source of raw foods, super foods and information on nutrition. He also has several websites, one being The Best Day Ever, which is a site filled with incredible health information available to download and access with membership. David is probably one of the biggest names in the raw food community today. (
  • Debbie Merrill, a world-renowned skating fitness expert and silver medal level figure skater. and a vegetarian and raw food vegan for 25 years. She uses her fame as an actress, professional dancer/choreographer, and her personal appeal to not only teach inline skating, but also provide health education to all her celebrity clients, students, friends, and family. Check out this lady – she is fun! (
  • Frederic Patenaude has been working in the natural health movement for over 8 years, and even longer in the field of nutrition, health and personal development. He is an author of several books and his articles, entrepreneur and public speaker. (
  • Karen Knowler, otherwise known as the Raw Food Coach, and is the former managing editor of the UK’s leading Raw Food Organization, The Fresh Network. She has been teaching, lecturing, writing, and coaching professionally for over 10 years. (
  • Kate Magic Wood is one of the leading raw food promoters in the UK, and is the author of several raw food books, and websites. Kate is known for her magical raw cakes, and chocolate bars. She is one of the busiest raw foodies around. Not only is she an author, raw food lifestyle consultant, raw food educator, public speaker, and raw food artisan, she is also quite the artist, and DJ. Kate is one super-talented ecstatic human being! She truly is “magical!” (
  • Melissa Lancaster is a singer-song writer, musician, producer, and health advocate. After surviving stomach cancer through living food she has made it her mission to help others through her music and through education. (

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Coaching and Education

  • Alive Foods, is Australia’s finest living food lifestyle coach and top authority on healthy eating, Paul Benhaim offers information, inspiration, recipes, books and products all with the raw food enthusiast at heart. (
  • Eat Live 2 Thrive, and have funning doing so through classes instructed by Cherie King of Olympia Washington. Cherie is available to teach both the Living on Live Food Level One Chef Certification and the Level Two Instructor Certification Courses.(
  • Frederic Patenaude, has over a decade of experience in the nutrition field, and has created several recipe books, over a dozen courses and information products, and hundreds of articles that have been published online and offline. (
  • Creative Health Institute, also known as the “Wheatgrass Place”, provides the learning tools to help heal the body naturally through purification and nutrition through the use of fresh raw food. Program includes the studies of Living Foods Lifestyle as originated by Dr. Ann Wigmore, and on-going support upon program completion. Located in Union City, MI.(
  • How 2 Eat Raw, Raw food expert, nutritionist and owner of Regeneration Raw, Andrea McNinch, offers one-of-kind 4-day, raw teacher certification, and shows you how to take your passion for raw food and make it into a business. (
  • Kristen’s Raw, Raw food author, accomplished raw food chef, and former competitive bodybuilder, Kristen Suzanne helps people live a healthy lifestyle through raw vegan cuisine. She offers private and public classes and lectures in food preparation and living a raw vegan lifestyle. She also offers a wealth of information through her blog, email newsletters, books, and media presentations. Kristen is based out of Scottsdale, AZ. (
  • Learn Raw Food, located in Chicago, IL, is dedicated to teaching preparation of healthy and delicious raw food. Raw food author, chef, and teacher Jennifer Cornbleet, offers lectures and demonstrations, raw food certification courses, personalized training, classes outside of the Chicago area, as well as raw food books and DVDs. (
  • Organic Healing,out of Seattle, WA offers Healing Wellness Programs, Personalized Nutrition Consulting, Pantry Renovation, Natural Foods Store Tour, Shopping Chauffeur, Personal Meal Plans, 3 Day Diet & Activity Anaysis, and products too. (
  • Planet Raw, raw food chefs, and restaurant owners Juliano and Ariel offer raw food classes, as well as private raw food classes, raw food chef certification, and consultations. Located in Santa Monica, CA. (
  • Pure Joy Planet, Owner/Director Elaina Love is a professional Chef and Instructor, Lifestyle Counselor, raw food author, and owner of the raw food store. She is a Chef/Instructor at the renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She offers classes and retreats out of California. (
  • Raw Teacher, Raw food chef and celebrity, Alissa Cohen’s Certification Program will give you the knowledge and training to become a certified raw food chef and certified Living on Live Food trainer. Located in Boston, MA. (
  • Raw Food Doctors, courses offered at the Living Light Culinary Institute that are scientifically based information about plant-based raw food nutrition, to help with the path to greater health and well-being. Classes held in Southern California. (
  • Raw Glow, Cecilia Benjumea offers raw food consultations, private and group classes, as well as healing programs. Located in Petaluma, CA.(
  • The Raw Gourmet, Nomi Shannon is a raw food celebrity chef, author, and instructor. She is also a lifestyle coach. Nomi offers Raw Food Preparation Classes, Food Demos, or a Raw Food Dinner Party, as well as providing special event appearances. (
  • Simply Raw, out of Ottowa, Canada, is a raw vegan consulting service, teaching self care through nutrition, cleansing and balance. They offer personal coaching, live-food/healing workshops, raw detox programs, seminars, and talks. They promote the raw vegan lifestyle hosting monthly raw vegan potlucks. (

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Communities and Forums

  • Happy Cow, is the internet’s most widely used and longest operating worldwide vegetarian restaurant guide. It also has a large community with various groups and forums to discuss topics of vegetarian and veganism, as well as animal rights. (
  • Raw Food Rehab, Adding LIFE to your years and years to your life!” Join Rehab Director Penni Shelton as we shed those pounds, increase energy, and gain quality years to our lives through a raw food diet and lifestyle! (
  • Raw Fu, is one of the fastest and most interactive raw food communities on the internet today. Raw food enthusiasts share their experiences with you, participate in challenges, create support groups, and so much more. This community is hosted by the one and only Beth Berry, a.k.a. Bunny Berry(

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Raw Food Directories

  • All Raw Directory: 100% FREE, community-driven site used to catalog resources of all kinds related to and contributed by the raw and living foods community. It’s the first of it’s kind, and it’s hosted by the one and only Wendi Dee of Pure Jeevan. (

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Raw Food Radio/TV

  • Rhio’s Raw Energy: Learn about the raw food diet and lifestyle through conversation, interviews, recipes and more – and be sure to tune into “Hooked on Raw” with Rhio on worldwide internet radio Mon., Wed. and Fri. at 4pm and 8pm EST. (

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Raw Food Politics, News, and Research

  • Natural News: a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics on health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism. The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., and operated by its key writer, Mike Adams. (

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Raw Food Information

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Raw Food Magazines

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Raw Recipe Sites

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Restaurants and Catering

  • 105 Degrees: created by renowned Raw Food Chef and Author Matthew Kenney, and located in Oklahoma City, OK. The restaurant offers the finest in raw and living cuisine, as well as a shop to take raw goodies home, and offers catering and events. One of the other special features is the 105 Degrees Academy, for those interested in learning the skills needed to become a successful raw food chef. (
  • Chocolate Tree Cafe: Located in Sedona, AZ, is 100% organic with a delicious, diverse raw menu that’s gluten- and processed sugar-free. This is a family owned business, that includes a store, a beautiful garden, and a crystal room. Very unique. (
  • Cilantro Live: organic raw and live vegan cuisine with three restaurant locations in California‘s San Diego County, including Chula Vista, Hillscrest, Carslbad and Lemon Grove, (
  • Cru: Chef Rachel Carr offers creative raw vegan gourmet ethnic dishes, including Italian, Japanese, Tunisian, Thai and Indian interpretations. Classes are also offered. Located in Los Angeles, CA. (
  • Love Nude Food: Napa Valley, CA’s Chef Meredith Baird serves up raw, vegan, and organic cuisine with a gourmet flair for private dinners and parties – a raw food catering specialist. (

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Raw Food Brands, and Shopping

  • Alive Foods: Australia’s finest living food lifestyle coach and top authority on healthy eating, Paul Benhaim offers information, inspiration, recipes, books and products all with the raw food enthusiast at heart. (
  • Anie Phyo: Celebrity Chef, and author of one of the top raw food recipe books, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Food Recipes, Ani Phyo offers her experience, tips and tricks, recipes, educational videos, products and books, and tons of fun! (
  • Awesome Foods: Get all natural, raw,healthy-carb meals & snack foods without any high sugar and high starch ingredients, artificial sweeteners, flavorings or sugar alcohols. Enjoy the delicious taste of real, natural, whole foods. (
  • Beautiful On Raw: Tonya Zavasta is one of the hottest rawfoodist around! At 51, this raw beauty shares her beauty secrets, recipes, knowledge and experience of how living a raw food lifestyle has made her look, feel, and live younger. Check out her books, videos, and blog. (
  • Bragg’s: The Bragg’s family has been pioneering health around the world since 1912 with their fabulous products, books, information and inspiration. Check out their Bragg’s specials. (
  • Go Raw: All live, organic foods. Online store, and distribution to natural stores across the U.S., including Whole Foods. (
  • Hail Merry: Dallas raw food chef Susan O’Brien offers delicious lightly dehydrated raw food snacks, snack gift packages, and raw food gear. (
  • One Lucky Duck: Pure Food and Wine’s Sarma also has her own online shop for homemade raw food treats, as well as supplements, beauty, clothing, books, and nesting all for the health-conscious. (
  • Raw Family: The Boutenko family, also known as the Raw Family. offers their books and educational videos and cds on healthy eating and living through a raw food diet.(

Raw Food Specialty Items and Interests

Raw Food Products and Brands

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