Food Selection

The Best Recommendations for
Food Selection and Quality

  • The number one best advise I can offer is to always aim for selecting and consuming foods in their natural form.
  • Avoid those foods that you have known allergies or sensitivities if consumed.
  • Avoid manufactured food products that are not made with real ingredients – the less processed the better.
  • Always aim for organic whenever possible, non-GMO verified too. All 100% organic products are considered non-GMO.
  • Meat, chicken, eggs and other animal products such as dairy, should be organic and pasture-raised.  (Pasture-raised means that the animals were fed grass, and not soy or other feed bi-products).
  • Whole eggs should always be purchased over packaged egg-white products.
  • Fish and other seafood animal products should be wild-caught, and never farmed.
  • Cooking oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, should be cold-pressed, unfiltered, and organic. (Always buy extra-virgin olive oil).
  • Celtic sea salt, and Himalayan sea salt should always be used over table salt, and other commercially produced salts.
  • Avoid packaged, and pre-made juices, including lemon and lime juice. Make your own juice by purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits for juicing.
  • Choose unprocessed dairy products such as raw cheese, and whole butter.
  • Avoid packaged nut milks when possible. Make fresh nut milk from scratch, using raw nuts and seeds.  (If you must use pre-made nut milks, choose organic, minimally processed beverages).
  • Select seasonal produce.
  • Grow your own fresh herbs and sprouts.
  • Make your own fermented foods.
  • Discover which foods should always be purchased organic, and which foods should be avoided at all times.
  • Learn more about food selection here.